Ivanovski Risto Guitars
This guitar is my favorite. Known as a Selmer model or Django Reinhardt model it is forever connected with what we call “Gypsy Jazz”.  I’m making a solid wood copy from carefully selected woods, taking care about the quality of the sound, and about the appearance as well .I also make copies of Selmer Orchestre  model  with large D hole, with or without internal resonator
If the customer doesn't want the standard dimensions of a Selmer guitars, he\she can choose the following:
- scale length
- neck wide at nut
- fingerboard material
- stained finish
- sunburst finish
The price is 1700 euro for a basic model made out of following wood for back and sides:
- indian rosewood
- european maple
For other exotic wood please call for price.
The price for a laminated body is 2000 euro.